How to get involved

You can help make our services better by getting involved with NHS 24. 

We’re committed to involving people from different backgrounds with different experiences in the design, development and improvement of our services. We understand that giving people the opportunity to get involved will help us to deliver better services that meet the needs of the diverse Scottish population. 

There are different ways for you to get involved.

Volunteer with us

You can volunteer to be part of the NHS 24 Public Partnership Forum or the NHS 24 Youth Forum.

As an NHS 24 volunteer you will:

  • have regular opportunities to share your views on our work
  • be able to influence our strategy
  • help us to focus on what matters most to people
  • help share information about NHS 24 services within your local community
  • be part of a team dedicated to improvement
  • be treated as a colleague who actively contributes to NHS 24’s goals through volunteering

We’ve achieved the UK quality standard for good practice in volunteer management.

NHS 24 Public Partnership Forum

Our Public Partnership Forum (PPF) includes volunteer members of the public. They help ensure that our services are designed with the people who use them in mind.  

Our PPF meets formally 4 times per year. Members are also offered involvement in projects throughout the year as services are being developed. 

NHS 24 Youth Forum

Our Youth Forum offers similar opportunities to get involved as our Public Partnership Forum. It’s aimed at young people aged 16 to 26. Young people’s views were often underrepresented within our PPF. So we established our Youth Forum to help give them a stronger voice. 

Contact us about volunteering

If you’re interested in learning more about volunteering with NHS 24 as PPF or Youth Forum member, you can contact us by emailing or One of our team will arrange to have an informal chat with you. 

Equality Impact Assessments and Fairer Scotland Duty Assessments

Other ways to get involved

Equality impact assessments and Fairer Scotland Duty assessments are tools that we use to help us make evidence-based decisions. They help us to consider if our work will fairly benefit everyone or unfairly impact certain groups. They help provide us with a better understanding of the experiences of the diverse communities we serve, and support us to better take account of their needs. 

Patient feedback

By providing feedback, you’ll help us to continue to improve our services.

Board meetings

You can attend the public session of our board meetings. 

Annual review

Each year the Scottish Government asks us to host an annual review to account for our performance. It’s an opportunity for us to publicly review our achievements and challenges over the year and outline our future plans. 

Members of the public are welcome to attend our annual review. 

Social media

You can follow us on social media

Contact our Engagement Team

Public involvement is key to our work. We want to understand what’s most important to you when you access our services. These insights help us to design, develop and improve our services. 

There may be things preventing you from getting involved with our work in our usual ways. You can email our Engagement Team to talk about other ways you can share your views.  

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