What we procure

You can search for all public service contracts in Scotland or find out what contracts we currently have available on the Public Contracts Scotland website.

Our procurement aims

We aim to make a positive impact on the communities we serve, our economy and the environment through our procurement activity. Our goals are outlined in our procurement strategy and cover 3 key areas.

We have a duty to be open and clear in how we advertise and award contracts.

We will:

  • maintain a register of contracts and publish it on the internet
  • notify decisions to suppliers where they have been unsuccessful, giving reasons
  • provide relevant information to suppliers if they request further information

This will help to widen the pool of potential suppliers which will enable us to achieve value for money.

As we procure goods and services we aim to promote sustainability. This means meeting our needs in a way that achieves value. This value can be social, economic and environmental.


We will:

  • make procurement decisions using long-term rather than short-term cost and benefit considerations
  • consider how procurement decisions can positively impact communities
  • support skills development amongst our suppliers


We will:

  • encourage small and medium businesses and third sector bodies to become potential suppliers
  • promote innovation by buying only what is needed


We will:

  • maximise opportunities for re-use and recycling
  • specify environmental and social standards through the procurement process, to influence supply chains and drive innovation
  • ensure procurement supports a reduction in resource use, CO2 emissions and waste

Our procurement must be undertaken to the highest ethical standards and with fairness to all potential suppliers.

We will:

  • make no charge to suppliers for participating in the procurement process
  • ensure that our approach to equality and diversity is reflected in our procurement procedures

Becoming a potential supplier

Before we can invite you to tender for any contracts, you must first register with Public Contracts Scotland.

Public Contracts Scotland is a Scottish Government website used by the public sector to advertise contracts and find suppliers of goods and services.

Register as a supplier with Public Contracts Scotland

After registration

After registering with Public Contracts Scotland and creating a profile, you’re visible to public sector buyers and can be invited to tender for contracts.

Registering will also make you eligible to be invited for quick quotes. This will enable organisations to purchase lower value goods and services quickly and efficiently.

You can view a list of our current contracts on the Public Contracts Scotland website.

Current procurement opportunities

We work with a range of companies and organisations who supply us with:



  • clothing
  • furniture
  • stationery



  • cleaning and janitorial
  • special projects or events
  • consultancy
  • education
  • facilities and management services
  • information communication technology

When we decide to procure

In order to provide a service to the public, NHS 24 uses its own resources such as staff, alongside a range of goods and products from suppliers.

In order to maintain current or develop new services, we’ll identify business needs. These could be met by the use of existing staff or systems, or through collaboration with other health boards. It’s only when we’re certain that our own resources won’t meet a need, that a decision to procure will be made.


If you would like to know more about our procurement process or register your interest in any of our contracts, please email

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