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NHS 24 111 Operational Statistics

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Unscheduled Care operational data between 20 November 2023 to 18 February 2024

An Official Statistics in Development Publication for Scotland

Type                Official Statistics in Development

Published       22/02/2024

Author            NHS 24 Performance Team

RESTRICTED STATISTICS: embargoed to 09:30 22/02/2024

This release by NHS 24 provides a weekly update of key statistics relating to 111 service. The file includes daily and weekly breakdowns of key performance measures which form part of our agreed Performance Framework monitored by Scottish Government. Information includes performance data on access to service, a breakdown of outcomes of calls and a series of visualisations showing longer trends of data.

The statistics in this weekly update cover NHS 24 activity from the 111 service only. Daily data goes back 4 weeks and weekly data covers a longer period of 13 weeks.

All data is captured on NHS 24 SAP systems – Sinch Telephony and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data is processed and held in SAP HANA data warehouse. All data held in SAP HANA has been extensively checked and validated with routine checks of data integrity taking place. Therefore, there is high confidence in the accuracy of figures in reporting.

Main points


  • Call volume (32,451) split 29,920 inbound and 2,531 selecting the Ringback option.
  • % Discontinued Callers 0.6%.
  • 111 median time to answer (mid-point of calls answered) 15 minutes 11 seconds.
  • 90th Percentile time to answer for week was 1 hour 1 minute 42 second.
  • Triaged at first point of contact – 95.3%.
  • Patient Journey average for the week was 43 minutes 19 seconds. This figure includes Ringbacks.

The data in reporting is relating to NHS 24 service 111 service which provides urgent care triage if you think you need A&E but it’s not life-threatening, and advice when your GP, pharmacy or dental practice is closed.

NHS 24 implemented a new operating model in March 2020 with the aim of triaging more patients on the initial call (inbound) as opposed to calling patient back (outbound). As a result of the major operational change NHS 24 also evolved its key performance indicators (KPIs) framework over the last few years, to more appropriately align to the new operational model. The evolution also reflects the significant increase in demand and changing role for NHS 24 in delivering additional pathways such as redesign of urgent care and mental health.

The new KPI framework aims to bring the experience metrics to greater prominence; this is based on previous work to better understand what matters to callers to the 111 service and what their expectations of the service are.

The data in this publication aims to monitor two key performance areas: initial access to the service and call outcomes. The Median Time to Answer, 90th Percentile time to answer and Discontinued calls all measure patients’ initial access to the service.

Second set of data is focused on outcomes of calls; this data set also forms part of the new framework monitors impact on wider health service. Outcome data is broken down by health board and each outcome is grouped into three main categories:

  • Primary Care – includes Out of Hour services and advice to Contact Own GP
  • Secondary Care – includes 999, Accident & Emergency and Flow Navigation Centre
  • Self Care/No Partner Action – includes advice to Self Care or to contact other health professionals i.e. Optician, Police, Pharmacist



Data files

NHS 24 111 Operational Statistics

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NHS 24 111 Operational Statistics

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Official Statistics in Development

Official statistics in development are official statistics that are undergoing a development; they may be new or existing statistics, and will be tested with users, in line with the standards of trustworthiness, quality, and value in the Code of Practice for Statistics based on the definition in Types of official statistics – UK Statistics Authority

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