NHS 24 board

Our board meets in public 6 times a year. It’s responsible for:

  • setting our strategic direction
  • managing and anticipating change
  • making the most of resources
  • appointing the chief executive

Next meeting

  • Thursday 21st December, at 10am

If you wish to watch the NHS 24 Board Meeting, email NHS24board@nhs24.scot.nhs.uk at least 3 days before the meeting date. A link to access the MS Teams feed of the meeting will be sent to you. The agenda for the meeting will be made available on our website.

Members of our board

Image of Dr Martin Cheyne

Dr Martin Cheyne


Image of Jim Miller

Jim Miller

Chief Executive

Image of Martin Togneri

Martin Togneri

Non-Executive Director

Image of Alan Webb

Alan Webb

Vice Chair

Image of Kenny Woods

Kenny Woods

Non-Executive Director/Employee Director

Image of David Howe​

David Howe

Non-Executive Director

Image of Marieke Dwarshuis​

Marieke Dwarshuis

Non-Executive Director

Image of Carol Gillie

Carol Gillie

Non-Executive Director

Image of Liz Mallinson​

Liz Mallinson

Whistleblowing Champion Non-Executive Director

Image of Anne Gibson ​

Anne Gibson

Non-Executive Director at NHS 24

Image of Dr Laura Ryan ​

Dr Laura Ryan

Executive Director

Image of Maria Docherty​

Maria Docherty

Director of Nursing & Care

Image of John Gebbie ​

John Gebbie

Director of Finance


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