Dr Ron Cook

Role: Interim Medical Director

Dr Ron Cook has 25 years of experience working in Emergency Medicine in hospital A&E departments and with pre-hospital retrieval services in both Scotland and Australia.

As Clinical Director for Unscheduled Care in NHS Tayside he contributed to the organisation’s pandemic response and the establishment of its unique dedicated COVID assessment Unit. He led NHS Tayside’s Redesign of Urgent Care programme and oversaw the development of its regional Flow Navigation Centre.

Having joined NHS 24 in 2021 as Associate Medical Director Ron has been responsible for further development of urgent care pathways within the organisation and provided clinical oversight of the launch of the NHS 24 app.

Nationally he has been involved in working groups developing Professional to Professional and ‘Call before you Convey’ guidance, is a member of the Remote Health Pathways Programme Board, has worked in collaboration with Police Scotland to address recent concerns over ‘drug spiking’ and is a member of the Centre for Sustainable Delivery’s Flow Navigation Speciality Delivery Group.

Contact details

Dr Ron Cook
NHS 24 Lumina
40 Ainslie Road
G52 4RU

Email: Dr Ron Cook at: NHS24board@nhs24.scot.nhs.uk


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